Versatility is something we all look for when it comes to electronic gadgets we use today. With the plethora of new devices that come into the market almost every day it’s hard for consumers to keep up. But today we bring to you one of OCZ’s newest offerings the secure digital Trifecta. OCZ is well known for their high performance memory modules for both PC’s and Laptops, and now it’s good to see they’re expanding their product range to other media as well.

The Trifecta is unique to other standard SD cards because it can be used as a SD Card, USB drive and Micro SD card all at the same time. Before we go onto more details of the unit here are the specs for this device.


  • Available in 66X Speeds
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 2.1 mm (L x W x H)
  • Official Secure Digital™ (SD)Compliant
  • microSD™ Compliant
  • High-Speed USB 2.0
  • 5 Year Warranty

The Contents

The Trifecta is shipped in a thin plastic package with the SD card adapter and the micro SD card packaged in a strong plastic enclosure. This is the standard packaging used by most manufactures and gives adequate protection during shipping. Don’t throw away the plastic enclosure as it’ll be handy to use to carry around the Trifecta. The unit is offered is two flavors, namely a 1GB version and a 2GB version and we’re looking at the 2GB version today.

As per the specs given the Trifecta boasts a transfer speed of 66x. The ‘x’ rating is similar to the rating given to CD ROM drives. 1x means a speed of 150KB/s so effectively the Trifecta has a speed of 10MB/s. There are some higher end SD cards that apparently go upto 133x which gives them a speed of 20MB/s, nevertheless for the purposes the Trifecta is introduced this seems quite adequate.

The Micro SD is a memory standard used on new phones that come out today. This is compatible with any phone that’ll accept micro SD cards but you will have to check with your phone manufacture as some phones only support 1GB micro SD cards. We tried it on one of our Sony Ericsson phones and we didn’t encounter any problems. 2GB will hold a load of songs and pictures that you’d take through your mobile, and copying the data across from phone to PC or vice versa is made very easy since you can either connect the Trifecta to your PC as a SD card if it supports it or through a standard USB port.

The micro SD card plugs into the side of the SD card adapter as you can see in the pictures. With the micro SD card plugged in, now you can either use this as a SD Card or remove the small base at the bottom exposing the USB connector. This is real versatility. If you have a camera that takes SD cards simply use this to store your pictures and then when you want to move them to your PC you don’t need to worry about connecting your phone to the PC, simply expose the USB connector and transfer the files to your PC; that simple.

The extensibility offered by the Trifecta will be extremely beneficial for people on the move as well since it eliminates the need to be carrying around a separate card reader.
A blue LED starts to illuminate once you connect the Trifecta to the USB port just to show connectivity.